Why use an Agency? Why use Sublime?

I can find it all on the net ? Is it Quality and will you have peace of mind once it’s booked?

Do a search on the internet for live entertainers, bands, acts, DJ’s in fact any type of entertainment and you will turn up thousands of results. As an agency we receive submissions on a daily basis, sadly most of it is not up to standard and never makes it onto our books.  We know by having a look on the internet this is not the case with some agencies and bookers, sadly much of what they are offering is not up to standard.  All of the vast choice we offer is quality assessed and if it is up to standard then and only then offered to our clients.

So if quality is a requirement it is essential you book from a quality entertainment agency.

So that’s the quality bit taken care of.  Now for the peace of mind bit!  Booking from a quality entertainment agency will provide you with written / up-to-date contracts, regulation, insurance and electrical safety compliance issues all taken care of, and “on call” back up 24 Hours a day, 365 days of the year….


and then there’s choice, online demo’s, online feedback from past clients, free expert consultation… and even nice people on the end of the phone when you want to chat !

By using a reputable entertainment agent to book your entertainment you are safe in the knowledge that should an issue occur it will be resolved.

Here’s an example:-

Should your entertainer / band / act become ill and you have booked with a reputable entertainment agent, the agent will use every professional endeavour to replace the act like for like, with their extensive database of acts & trusted trading partners this would not normally present a problem. Also many acts offer entertainment agents preferable rates this can often save you money. Add to this written contracts and the agent’s extensive knowledge of the industry, venues and acts and you can see why for true peace of mind it is essential to use a reputable entertainment agent.

For total peace of mind use Sublime entertainment and take the worry out of booking your entertainment.

Do you need some further reassurance?

When you deal with Sublime you’ll benefit from:-

  • 100% commitment from all our dealings with you.
  • Top Quality Entertainment or they’ll not be booked for you.
  • Prices that are simple, realistic and fixed.
  • 35 years collective experience of our friendly staff that can assist you any time.
  • A simple process from making bookings.
  • A genuine ’24 hour on call contact number’ …..Just In Case!

We look forward to hearing from you!!